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In the blink of an eye, 2018 has come and gone! But not yet - first, we must reminisce on an incredible year for Hardcore, filled with festivals, new music and much more! In celebration of another fantastic year coming to an end, Masters of Hardcore and Hardcore Radio have joined forces to bring you the biggest countdown of the year - the MOH TOP 100 2018!

Wanna get in on the action? Well, now you can!

Think back to your Top 5 favourite Hardcore tracks from 2018 and cast your vote at

Let your vote be heard - share it with your friends and on social media using the hashtag #mohtop100.

Voting opens: 29th November - 12:00 midday (CET)

Voting closes: 20th December - 16:00 (CET)

The entire countdown will be broadcasted LIVE on the 28th of December on Hardcore Radio!


6th Angelic Howl VOTE
6th Failed Creation VOTE
A-Kriv & F.Noize Savage Squad VOTE
A-Kriv & F.Noize Savage Squad (Extended Mix) VOTE
A-Kriv & Kemyz & Silente & Mc Komplex Hardcore To The Bone VOTE
A-Kriv & Lenny Dee feat Tooms Rage The Anthem (Detest Remix) VOTE
A-Kriv & OGM909 Cocaine & Propane (HardcoreUltras Roma) VOTE
A-Kriv & TerrorClown Si Se Puede VOTE
A-Kriv vs NeutroniX & Antenora Phantom M2 VOTE
A-leks & The Paranoize Don't Break Me VOTE
A-Mind Burn This MFKers VOTE
A-Mind Fucking Hardcore! VOTE
A-Mind Tridimensional World VOTE
Abaddon Diamonds VOTE
Abaddon Nose Bone VOTE
Abaddon Play My Hand VOTE
Abaddon Until It's Gone VOTE
Abaddon vs Mind Compressor Closing In VOTE
Abigail Noises Army Of Darkness VOTE
Absurd E.W.M.N. (Evil Wicked Mean Nasty) VOTE
Absurd Stay Illegal VOTE
Absurd Suddenly Unpleasant VOTE
Access One Brutal Behaviour VOTE
Access One Can't Break Me VOTE
Access One Deceived VOTE
Access One Hardcore Domination VOTE
Acid Diaper Get Hard (Xaturate Remix) VOTE
Adrenokrome & Psiko So sick (original) VOTE
Adsr spqr You Cant Win (Original Mix) VOTE
Adsr spqr You Cant Win (The Twins Artcore Mix) VOTE
Affix & The Victim Black Mirror VOTE
Affix & The Victim Bolivia VOTE
Affix & The Victim Kofferbak VOTE
Affix & The Victim La Tribu de Hardcore VOTE
Affix & The Victim The raid VOTE
Affix & The Victim Wodka VOTE
Aggressive & Stampede Don't Give A Fuck VOTE
Agressive Noize LQR VOTE
Agressive Noize Piece of Shit VOTE
Agressive Noize & N.O.D. Surrender VOTE
Akasha occult luxury VOTE
Al Twisted Chaos Evolves (Soldiers Of Core Remix) VOTE
Al Twisted & Necrotic Screwface (The Satan remix) VOTE
Al Twisted, JFX & Joey Riot Twisted FreQz VOTE
Alex B & Promo Bij Gebrek Aan Beter VOTE
Alex Escriva & Naughty Kicks Return Of The Motherfucker VOTE
Alex Escriva vs Cyborg Brutal Shot VOTE
Alix Sniper Clown VOTE
Alterated Break The Future VOTE
Alterated Judgement Day VOTE
Alterated Phenomenon VOTE
Alterated Tragedy VOTE
Alterated Walk In Hell VOTE
Alterated You Are Done VOTE
Andy The Core About The Rage (Extended mix) VOTE
Andy The Core Everyday Dose (Wreck Reality Remix) VOTE
Andy The Core Say It (2018 Remix) VOTE
Andy The Core & F.Noize InnovHate (Extended Mix) VOTE
Andy The Core & Freakon Something4 (Extended mix) VOTE
Andy The Core & X-Mind Disto Disco (Extended mix) VOTE
Andy Wolf Immortals VOTE
Andy Wolf and Lexy Dance Kill your fear VOTE
Angerfist Creature VOTE
Angerfist The Desecrated (Radical Redemption Remix) VOTE
Angerfist & System Overload Hustlers VOTE
Angerfist ft. Tha Watcher Tournament Of Tyrants (Official Masters of Hardcore 2018 Anthem) VOTE
Angernoizer De Moeder (Tripped RMX) VOTE
Angernoizer Inkakken is Bijpakken VOTE
Angernoizer Judgement Day VOTE
Angernoizer Repercussions in Hell VOTE
Angernoizer Skreamer VOTE
Angernoizer & Angerfist Winter is Coming VOTE
Angernoizer & Angerkill Movimiento VOTE
Angernoizer & Caine The Nightmare VOTE
Angernoizer & Chaotic Hostility Yolo VOTE
Angernoizer & D-Fence It Giet Oan VOTE
Angernoizer & Deadly Guns Forever XTC VOTE
Angernoizer & Dr. Peacock Trip to Mexico VOTE
Angernoizer & Insanity Legends VOTE
Angernoizer & Lunatic Break Your Face (Rob Da Rhythm Remix) VOTE
Angernoizer & MBK Gunfight VOTE
Angernoizer & MC Diesel GAS VOTE
Angernoizer & Tha Watcher Carnage VOTE
Anhatema Beatcrash (2018 Re-Kick) VOTE
Anhatema Hard Ritual VOTE
Anhatema vs Toxic Inside Warfare VOTE
AniMe Bam Bam VOTE
AniMe Catch Me If You Can VOTE
AniMe Fear The Dogfight (Ignite Remix) VOTE
AniMe In The End VOTE
AniMe Intro VOTE
AniMe Liar (Destructive Tendencies Remix) VOTE
AniMe Listen To Me VOTE
AniMe Playing Terror VOTE
AniMe The Third Invasion (Official Masters of Hardcore Austria 2018 Anthem) VOTE
AniMe & D-Fence Italia VOTE
AniMe & Mad Dog Symmetry VOTE
AniMe & Noize Suppressor Stand Your Ground VOTE
Antenora & NeutroniX Antimass Movement VOTE
Antenora & NeutroniX Fifth Circle VOTE
Antenora & NeutroniX Fourth Circle VOTE
Antenora & Neutronix Vs Illegal Brother God's Lies VOTE
Antenora vs NeutroniX Hardcore Empire VOTE
Aoi Sumito Azathoth VOTE
Aoi Sumito Harakiri Warriors Reincarnation VOTE
Artheist Maschinen (Original) VOTE
Artheist Unstable Affliction (Original) VOTE
Asotek From The Barrio VOTE
Asotek HC4L VOTE
Asotek Mdfckers On Dope VOTE
ASR Celebration Of Death VOTE
ASR Celebration Of Death VOTE
ASR Hardcore Drugs VOTE
Atneck Going down VOTE
Atneck In Your Soul VOTE
Audio Assault Insanity VOTE
Axe Gabba Murda Mob B2B Murda VOTE
Axe Gabba Murda Mob King Kebab VOTE
Azilyum Game of core (original) VOTE
B-Future Chaos VOTE
B-Future The Noise VOTE
B.S.E. v The CTRL The One Who Knocks VOTE
B45H Rise UR Fist ft.NMDB VOTE
Badlxck Bad lxck VOTE
Badlxck Brxtalized VOTE
Badlxck Conspiracy Of Madness VOTE
Badlxck Dance on yoxr grave VOTE
Badlxck Darkness VOTE
Badlxck Fxck VOTE
Badlxck Fxck the king VOTE
Badlxck Hardcore mind VOTE
Badlxck I'm Satanic (Intro) VOTE
Badlxck Pray For Xptempo VOTE
Badlxck Sleep VOTE
Badlxck Warriors of the night VOTE
Badlxck vs Masamune The Final Battle VOTE
Barber Burn it Down VOTE
Barber Hooked (Basspunkz Remix) VOTE
Barber Stronger VOTE
Barber Technologic VOTE
Barber & Abaddon Enemies VOTE
Barber & Basspunkz 1 2 3 VOTE
Barber & FrenchFaces Rockstar VOTE
Barber & Trespassed Bonfire VOTE
Bartoch Blind raver (original) VOTE
Bartoch Monde de merde (original) VOTE
baruA Fuckin' VOTE
baruA Kickback VOTE
Basetronic Featuring Mc M-Core Uptempo Revolution VOTE
Bass Instinct Bitches VOTE
Bass Instinct Can't Be Stopped VOTE
Bass Instinct Fuck The Club VOTE
Bass Instinct Monster VOTE
Bass Instinct MTTD VOTE
Bass-D Like A Dream 2017 (Re-Style Remix) VOTE
Basspunkz Be The Boss VOTE
Basspunkz Going Back VOTE
Basspunkz Pop That Thing VOTE
Basspunkz Praise The Lord VOTE
Basspunkz Punkz VOTE
Basspunkz Schizophrenic VOTE
Basspunkz Struggle VOTE
Basspunkz What You Think VOTE
Batch Blue (original) VOTE
Batch Motherfucker (original) VOTE
Batch Rasta metal jacket (original) VOTE
Bdacid Evil God VOTE
Berz?§rk & Frenesys No Mercy VOTE
Berz?§rk & Striker Chrome To Your Dome VOTE
Billx Chronicle 2018 Anthem VOTE
Billx Kutsoto magare VOTE
Billx Pagan Totem VOTE
Billx Spirit Of The Nature VOTE
Billx Tree Of Life VOTE
Billx World Reality VOTE
Billx & Neika Chichovite VOTE
Biochip C. 1993-1 (Re-Raved By Stormtrooper) VOTE
Biochip C. 1993-3 (Re-Raved By Stormtrooper) VOTE
Bionator Project Million Miles VOTE
Bit Reactors feat. Rhezie Shook me Like Thunder (Ibiza Goes Hard 2018 Official Soundtrack) VOTE
Black Flowers Wake Up VOTE
Black Flowers Wasted VOTE
Black Mamba Freaky Jogurt VOTE
Blaster Crack Music VOTE
Blaster Drop The Bomb VOTE
Blaster El Control VOTE
Blaster Out Of Time VOTE
Blaster Shock For Your System VOTE
Blaster Time Of Darkness (Official Cameretta Anthem) VOTE
Blaster W.T.F VOTE
Blaster Welcome To Mayhem VOTE
Blaster You Don't Like me VOTE
Blaster & MC M-Core A Life Time Of Hardcore VOTE
Blaster & Sandy Warez Big Drop VOTE
Blood Betrayers Darkness VOTE
Blood Betrayers Inside VOTE
Blood Betrayers Pray for Blood VOTE
Bloodfire Bassface VOTE
Bloodfire Bassface (Radio Edit) VOTE
Bloodfire Hit With The Hard VOTE
Bloodfire Redemption VOTE
Bloody Vaya Bad Bitch (Darkcontroller Remix) VOTE
Bodyshock The Virus VOTE
Boneyard 40. Caliber (Original Mix) VOTE
Borey Moving Up VOTE
Brainrape Order In Chaos VOTE
Brainrape ft. TerrorClown Living Hell VOTE
BreakStyle Goes Down VOTE
Brian Acardy Let the Bass Boom (Wavolizer Remix) VOTE
Broken Image Can't be Outrun VOTE
Broken Image Can't Fool Me VOTE
Broken Image Creation VOTE
Broken Image Depakote VOTE
Broken Image Depakote (Lunatic RMX) VOTE
Broken Image F#cking Bass VOTE
Broken Image F#cking Listen VOTE
Broken Image Get ' m Like VOTE
Broken Image Ghost story VOTE
Broken Image Heroes VOTE
Broken Image High Roller VOTE
Broken Image Mindfucker VOTE
Broken Image Never Back Down VOTE
Broken Image Oh My God VOTE
Broken Image Survive the Streets VOTE
Broken Image The World is Ours VOTE
Broken Image War is Coming VOTE
Broken Image What! VOTE
Broken Image & Abaddon Work for It VOTE
Broken Image & Lunatic Stand My Ground VOTE
Broken Minds Bow Down VOTE
Broken Minds Harness Their Energy VOTE
Broken Minds Reborn VOTE
Broken Minds feat. Joey Riot Shake It Up VOTE
BrutalCore Rips To The Face VOTE
BrutalCore Root Down VOTE
BSE Headache Again (Original Mix) VOTE
BSE My Hot Stinging Brain (Original Mix) VOTE
BSE Rip Your Soul (Original Mix) VOTE
BSE Speakers Blown (Original Mix) VOTE
BSE The Joker (Original Mix) VOTE
Bulletproof Code Red VOTE
Bulletproof Fight Music VOTE
Bulletproof & Partyraiser Monster (Sefa Remix) VOTE
Byron Natalizumab (Original Mix) VOTE
Byron Taken By The Dark Power (Original Mix) VOTE
Byron Victiory Is At Hand (Original Mix) VOTE
Cardan Cash me Outside VOTE
Cardan Criminal O.G VOTE
Cardan Engage VOTE
Cardan Post Apocalyptic (Escape Outdoor Anthem 2018) VOTE
Cardan Too Hot To Handle VOTE
Catscan Aeorien VOTE
Catscan Capture In Distress (Partyaiser & Bulletproof Remix) VOTE
Catscan Mass Madness VOTE
Catscan Souls VOTE
Catscan The Fight VOTE
Catscan The Partystarter VOTE
Ceasefire Speakerblow (Original Mix) VOTE
Chaotic Hostility 7 Days VOTE
Chaotic Hostility Make My Day VOTE
Chaotic Hostility & Imperatorz Samurai VOTE
Chaotic Hostility & Repix The Power of a God VOTE
Chaotic Hostility & Tieum Duivel Vriend VOTE
Chem D Faster Louder VOTE
Chem D ft Kraken Never Die VOTE
Chemical Gorilla Chemicals VOTE
Chok Dee Fuck It VOTE
Chok Dee Pulling Out VOTE
Chok Dee Technical Failure VOTE
Chok Dee & Streiks & Kratchs My Money VOTE
Chosen Few Bring The Beat Back (Original Mix) VOTE
Chosen Few Fucking Hardcore (The Twins Artcore 909 Live Mix) VOTE
Chrono & Chaotic Hostility feat. De man int Zwart In Je Bakkus VOTE
Chrono & Deathroar Rock On VOTE
Chrono & Lano Tempo (Ruhr in Love Edit) VOTE
Chryzis Cheese Fest 3000 (Original) VOTE
Chryzis Jungle Fever (Original) VOTE
Chryzis Mary Jane In Wonderworld (Original) VOTE
Chryzis Playa Hata (Original) VOTE
Chryzis Workin´ (Original) VOTE
Cik & Momentum Bitch Slap VOTE
Cik & Momentum Bitch Slap (Nekrokick Remix) VOTE
Cik & Momentum Dr. Edwards VOTE
Contagious Madness Cooked Cocaine VOTE
Contagious Madness Drop The Bomb VOTE
Crime Scene Disco Loud VOTE
Crime Scene Dropping Bombs VOTE
Crime Scene Explode VOTE
Crime Scene Forgiven VOTE
Crime Scene Headbang VOTE
Crime Scene Push The Trigger VOTE
Crime Scene Sembra Talco VOTE
Crime Scene The Evil In My Hands VOTE
Crime Scene The Stupid Clown VOTE
Crossfiyah Anger VOTE
Crossfiyah Unhallowed (Murder Tribe Remix) VOTE
Crossfiyah & MC Diesel Infinite VOTE
Cryogenic Bass Slut VOTE
Cryogenic Mot#3rF$ck3r VOTE
Cryogenic No Regrets VOTE
Crypsis & D-Fence Vol Gas Met Die Bas VOTE
Crypton Handz Up VOTE
Crypton Left Alone VOTE
Cyborg Bitches In The Club VOTE
Cyborg Take D.R.U.G.S. VOTE
Cyborg The Name VOTE
Cyclon Messed Up (Sefa Remix) VOTE
Cyrotex Solidarity VOTE
D-Ceptor Taste Of Tears VOTE
D-Ceptor & X-Treme Fuck With Your Conscience VOTE
D-Fence B.A.M. VOTE
D-Fence BIEM! (D-Master Remix) VOTE
D-Fence Bounce VOTE
D-Fence Hasta La Vista VOTE
D-Fence Klapt m Uit VOTE
D-Fence L.S.D. VOTE
D-Fence So Loud VOTE
D-Fence Start No Shit! VOTE
D-Fence & Alee In Ur Fase VOTE
D-Fence & AniMe Italia VOTE
D-Fence & Crypsis Vol Gas Met Die Bas VOTE
D-Fence & Deadly Guns Wall Of Bass VOTE
D-Fence & Restrained Drugz In Ya Eardrum VOTE
D-Future Life's a Bitch VOTE
D-Passion The 4th Dimension VOTE
D-Silent My World VOTE
D-Sturb & Sefa Nothing Like The Oldschool VOTE
D1verged Like a MF64 VOTE
D1verged Requiem VOTE
Da Tweekaz Wodka (Destructive Tendencies Remix) VOTE
DareDevil Come find me VOTE
DareDevil Put the money VOTE
DareDevil Sleep VOTE
DareDevil & Cyberwaste Check VOTE
Daredevils The Last Scream VOTE
Dark Connection Like A Bastard VOTE
Dark Crusher Hijueputa VOTE
Dark Crusher Tomahawk VOTE
Dark Headz Rippin (Original Mix) VOTE
Dark Headz Shakin (Original Mix) VOTE
Dark Matters Hey Bitch VOTE
Dark Noise This Is Madness VOTE
Dark-Matters Trip Insight My Mind VOTE
Darkpsychos & Bloxx Bitch VOTE
Darkpsychos & Bloxx Go Tell Aunt Rhody VOTE
Darkpsychos & Bloxx People Toxic All Dead VOTE
Darkpsychos and Bloxx Chongqing Fables (Official Anthem Phrenetikcore 2018) VOTE
Dataklysm Give a F*ck VOTE
Dataklysm My Beat VOTE
Dataklysm The Bomb VOTE
Dataklysm Wannabe Me VOTE
Dave Dope Back to the hardcore VOTE
Dave Dope Batshit VOTE
Dave Dope Dopeness VOTE
Dave Dope Get it fucked up VOTE
Dave Dope Hi Tech Terrorist VOTE
Dave Dope Let it go VOTE
Dave Dope No Surrender VOTE
Dave Dope Pale Dot (Andy is a Cunt) VOTE
Dave Dope Shot through ya speaker VOTE
Dave Dope Trippin ragga bitch VOTE
Dave Dope & Dark Matter ft. Killer MC This is voltage! VOTE
Dave Dope & DJ Apathy Shut the fuck up VOTE
Dave Dope & Inacopia Handful of freaks VOTE
Dave Dope & Inacopia ft. Killer MC No Strings VOTE
Dave Dope ft. MC M.I.C. Break it Down VOTE
Dave Dope ft. The M.I.C. Hypno VOTE
Dave Dope Vs. Inacopia Feat. Killer MC No Strings VOTE
De Schiedamse Schutters vs. Krimpens Geweld Pokkeherrie (Chaotic Hostility Remix) VOTE
Deadly Guns & Dither Mad Men VOTE
Deadly Guns & E-Force Invincible VOTE
Deadly Guns & F.Noize Undefeated VOTE
Deadly Guns & Ncrypta Rip It Open VOTE
Deadly Guns feat. Livid Decimate To Dust VOTE
Deadly Guns feat. Tha Watcher The Chosen Ones II VOTE
Death By Design Blast VOTE
Death By Design & Maissouille Rampage Of Vikings VOTE
Deathmachine Nasty VOTE
Deathmachine World's End VOTE
Deathpool Pillen Kopen (Original Mix) VOTE
Deathpool feat. MC B1zz3r Super Hero (Original Mix) VOTE
Deathpool feat. MC B1zz3r The End Is Near (Original Mix) VOTE
Deathpool feat. MC B1zz3r The Warrior (Original Mix) VOTE
Deathroar Are You Lost VOTE
Deathroar Egypt VOTE
Deathroar Going Wild VOTE
Deathroar Know Your Place VOTE
Deathsquad Facebreaker (Lunatic Kickrefix 2018) VOTE
Deathsquad Grand Leveler VOTE
Decimators Mutherfucking Wigglin VOTE
Dedicator Fucking Slow Mo VOTE
Dedicator Nein Mann VOTE
Dedicator Till I Die VOTE
Dedicator ft. Hellter Skellter Trouble VOTE
Dedicator ft. Noize-Maker Come Get Me VOTE
Dedicator ft. TerrorClown Against Them All VOTE
Deep Bass 909 Take Me Higher VOTE
Delta 9 246 VOTE
Delta 9 Drox VOTE
Delta 9 Head Strong (Full On Remix) VOTE
Delta 9 Infidel VOTE
Delta 9 Listen VOTE
Delta 9 Mortified VOTE
Delta 9 Never Stop (Original Mix) VOTE
Delta 9 No More Regrets VOTE
Delta 9 No More Regrets (Delta 9 & Lenny Dee Mix) VOTE
Delta 9 No More Regrets (Delta 9 Mix) VOTE
Delta 9 No More Regrets (Unexist Brooklyn Mix) VOTE
Delta 9 Real Hardcore VOTE
Delta 9 Son Of A Bitch VOTE
Delta 9 Stfu VOTE
Delta 9 Watch Yer Back VOTE
Delta 9 Welcome To Hell VOTE
Delta 9 Who Not Into (Extended Mix) VOTE
Delta 9 & Tripped Come Quietly VOTE
Delta 9 & Tripped Shit Blizzard VOTE
Demencia The Curse ft. MC Frustrator VOTE
Demencia & Digital Violence Numinous Voices VOTE
Densha Crisis Kick variations and interludes VOTE
Densha Crisis Obsolete VOTE
Der Cherep Rust And Bones VOTE
Desolation Falling Empire VOTE
Desolation Jugement Day VOTE
Desolation The Number of the Beast VOTE
Destination to Hell Infernum Humilitatem Toquet VOTE
Destructive Tendencies Beyond The Lights VOTE
Destructive Tendencies This Is My Ameno VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Angerfist Commandments VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Angerfist Fortress Of Solitude (Destruction Mix) VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Bodyshock Invictus VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Bulletproof Night Must Fall VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Crystal Mad How You Feel VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & D-Fence Smack The Dancefloor VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Evil Activities Death By Stereo VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Frequencerz Feat. Jonjo Masters of Stealth VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Kutski Tipsy VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Nolz 404 Error VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Nolz Feat. Pianair Release This Beast (Restrained Remix) VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Rooler Can't Stop Us Now VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Tha Watcher Bad Influence VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & The Melodyst We Need Justice VOTE
Destructive Tendencies & Warface Release The Kraken (Sefa Remix) VOTE
Destructive Tendencies feat. Rhezie Shook Me Like Thunder (Ibiza Goes Hard 2018 Official Soundtrack) VOTE
DestructiveChaos Streetfighter VOTE
Destruxion & Embitrax Silent Assassin VOTE
Destruxion & Embitrax The Sound of Ocarina VOTE
Deterrent Man The B.A.M.B.A VOTE
Deterrent Man & Hardbouncer Bring the Suicide (Insane S Rmx) VOTE
Detest & Deterrent Man Break The Mirror VOTE
Detest & Deterrent Man Streetpower VOTE
Detest & Miss Enemy Acid Poke VOTE
Detest & Miss Enemy Don't F*** Up The Culture VOTE
Detest & Miss Enemy Total Destruction VOTE
Detest feat. Rhezie Shook me Like Thunder (Ibiza Goes Hard 2018 Official Soundtrack) VOTE
Devasted Schizophrenia VOTE
Diffuse Intermittent VOTE
Digital Punk Sense In Violence VOTE
Digital Violence Follow (Sprinky Remix) VOTE
Digital Violence & Cyclon Indina VOTE
Digital Violence & Maotai Let It Burn VOTE
Dione Garden Of Murder VOTE
Dione Take It Away (SRB Refix) VOTE
Dione Violent Wake Up VOTE
Dione & Mc Jeff This is Megarave VOTE
Dione & Mc Jeff This Is Megarave VOTE
Dischord In Silence VOTE
Dischord Night Must Fall VOTE
Dissoactive Active Dissociation VOTE
Dissoactive Brain Bomb VOTE
Dissoactive Eigen Huis & Terror VOTE
Dissoactive Fuck What You Gotta Fuck VOTE
Dissoactive Goedemorgen VOTE
Dissoactive Horse Fucker VOTE
Dissoactive Kaak Naar De Tyfus (Suicide Rage Remix) VOTE
Dissoactive Move On Bitch VOTE
Dissoactive Renekick Paape VOTE
Dissoactive Return To Italy VOTE
Dissoactive Total Madness VOTE
Dissoactive Total Madness (SRB Remix) VOTE
Dissoactive Wanne Gek VOTE
Dissoactive & Paranoizer Burn Bitch VOTE
Distortion & SRB Feat. Rotterdam Terror Corps Stamp de vloer eruit VOTE
Dither Abnormality VOTE
Dither Look Alive VOTE
Dither Raggacore VOTE
Dither The Prophecy VOTE
DJ Arjuna & The CTRL The Bigger They Come (Original Mix) VOTE
DJ Booger Eater Think Satan (Original) VOTE
Dj Bore The Fallen VOTE
DJ Chosen Few After Hourz (Formek Mix) VOTE
DJ Chosen Few After Hourz (Original Mix) VOTE
DJ Chosen Few Chosen Few Mash-Up by Hardnoiser (Supermash) VOTE
DJ Chosen Few Kold Dayz (Project4life remix) VOTE
Dj chosen few & rawtech Panic attack VOTE
Dj Contra The World Is A Dream VOTE
Dj Darkpain Fear VOTE
Dj Giant Pump This Rock This VOTE
Dj Grimoire Absinthe VOTE
Dj Grimoire Scolopendra cataracta VOTE
DJ Jappo & DJ Lancinhouse XTR Experiment (Original Mix) VOTE
Dj Kristof ft. Noxize The Raven VOTE
Dj Kristof ft. Noxize The Reckoning VOTE
DJ Lem-X Madness War 2018 (Remix 2018) VOTE
DJ Lia Compound VOTE
DJ Lia Fucking Fight VOTE
DJ Mad Dog Babylon Dead VOTE
DJ Mad Dog Bust Your Chest VOTE
DJ Mad Dog Laughing Loud VOTE
DJ Malakya Bounce to 96 (Original) VOTE
DJ Malakya Everybody Fvkk Now (Original) VOTE
DJ Malakya Get Up The Floor (Original) VOTE
DJ Malakya New vs Oldstyle (Original) VOTE
DJ Malakya Pump Up The Tempo (Original) VOTE
DJ Mastersound & Braindead HardKoraizer 3.0 VOTE
DJ Mastersound & Braindead HardKoraizer 3.0 (Psycho 909 Remix) VOTE
DJ Mutante 1999 (Original) VOTE
DJ Mutante And By The Way... Hot Dog Day! (Original) VOTE
DJ Mutante Blog This (Original) VOTE
DJ Mutante GabberdiStone (Original) VOTE
DJ Mutante Terrebonne (Original) VOTE
DJ Mutante What Offends Me Is Your Lack Of Skills At Being Offensive (For Real !!!) (Original) VOTE
DJ Mutante, Nayami A Prop??sito, Eres Una Cerda! VOTE
DJ Mutante, Nayami Die Hijo de Puta! VOTE
DJ Mutante, Nayami I Nayami VOTE
DJ Mutante, Nayami In the Space VOTE
DJ Mutante, Nayami Let It Go (Lenny Dee Mix) VOTE
DJ Mutante, Nayami No More Heaven VOTE
DJ Mutante, Nayami Repeat the Lesson VOTE
DJ Mutante, Nayami Scream While You May VOTE
DJ Mutante, Nayami Took Bad Acid VOTE
DJ Mutante, Nayami U R Not Funny VOTE
DJ Myosuke Bat de Spinning to Goal VOTE
DJ Myosuke HARDCORE no Kokoroe (Original Mix) VOTE
DJ Myosuke HARDCORE no Kokoroe (tpz Despair Remix) VOTE
DJ Myosuke MAD FREAKS (Extended Mix) VOTE
DJ Myosuke MAD FREAKS (The Wishmaster Smack you! Remix) VOTE
DJ Myosuke Psyber YAKUZA VOTE
DJ Myosuke Rockin VOTE
DJ Myosuke Source of Creation (Original Mix) VOTE
DJ Myosuke Survive VOTE
DJ Myosuke The 7th Switch VOTE
DJ Myosuke This is my KICK VOTE
DJ Myosuke Welcome to the Nightmare VOTE
DJ Myosuke & BCM Call Me VOTE
DJ Myosuke & C-Show Energy Bomb VOTE
DJ Myosuke & Massive New Krew Eternal Pain VOTE
DJ Myosuke & Powerless chimera VOTE
DJ Myosuke feat. Daisuke (SEVER BLACK PARANOIA) Burn It All VOTE
DJ Myosuke feat. Daisuke (SEVER BLACK PARANOIA) SCREAM the MAXXX (Stellabee Remix) VOTE
Dj Noize Another World VOTE
Dj Noize City Of Gods VOTE
Dj Noize Establishing Contact Alien VOTE
Dj Noize Knights of Freedom 2018 VOTE
Dj Noize Strength Of Descendants VOTE
Dj Noize The Encounter VOTE
Dj Noize The Horizon VOTE
Dj Noize The Horizon (Lost In The Sky Version) VOTE
DJ Noriken Acid Complex VOTE
DJ Plague The Longest War (Vague Entity RMX) VOTE
Dj Risty Magic Sensations VOTE
DJ Smurf I Am A Smurfert (Xmurf Remix) VOTE
DJ Smurf Smurfcore Cunt Mash VOTE
dj syndrome Criminal world (original) VOTE
Dj Task The Devil VOTE
Dj Virulenz Agony And Pain VOTE
Dj Virulenz Fuck The Punk Police VOTE
Dj Virulenz God Made Your Ears VOTE
Dj Virulenz God's Child VOTE
Dj Virulenz I Don't Give A Fuck (Brutal Force Remix) VOTE
Dj Virulenz I Don't Give A Fuck (Original Mix) VOTE
Dj Virulenz I Will Find You (Original Mix) VOTE
Dj Virulenz Proof It VOTE
Dj Virulenz Six Dayz VOTE
DJ Virulenz & Jana Fay AEIOU VOTE
DJ Yves You Still Belong To Me (Stampede & Unleashed Fury Remix) VOTE
DJ Yves You Still Belong To Me (Yorick's Freestyle Refix) VOTE
DJ-D.Chainsaw & Kurwanya Vieze Hoer VOTE
DJIPE Shadowcuts VOTE
DKORP Alaburuku VOTE
DKORP Katerpillen VOTE
DKORP Nighthrill VOTE
Doctor Terror Diagnosis Black Magic (Ground Zero 2018 Terrordrang Stage Anthem) VOTE
Doctor Terror Don't Make Me Destroy You (UKTM Remix) VOTE
Dogfight Clan & Alee Live & Direct (Official Free Festival 2018 Hardcore Anthem) VOTE
Dolphin Black Gold VIP (Digital Bonus) VOTE
Dolphin Broken Armour VOTE
Dolphin Falling Off the Grid VOTE
Dolphin Fluxus VOTE
Dolphin Fresh Creps VOTE
Dolphin Go Hard VOTE
Dolphin Laws of Nature VOTE
Dolphin Listen Closer VOTE
Dolphin Monofruit Island VOTE
Dolphin Outlier VOTE
Dolphin Raiders Cap VIP (CD & Digital Bonus) VOTE
Dolphin Rainbow Road VOTE
Dolphin Rundem Excess Memories VOTE
Dolphin Sleepwalkers VOTE
Dolphin These Eyes VOTE
Dolphin They Shall know His Name VOTE
Dolphin & Nonexistent Atomic VOTE
Dolphin (ft. Bryan Fury) Wooo! VOTE
Dolphin (ft. Deathmachine) Deathnote VOTE
Dolphin (ft. Hellfish) Run it Red VOTE
Dolphin (ft. The Teknoist) The Unholy Two VOTE
Dolphin featuring Igneon System Where I Belong VOTE
Dophin ft. Anthony Anaxagorou No Exit VOTE
Dr. Peacock Lost in Space (Repix Remix) VOTE
Dr. Peacock Muzika (Sefa Remix) VOTE
Dr. Peacock Perfect Volume VOTE
Dr. Peacock QLZMR (E-Coli Remix) VOTE
Dr. Peacock Rise of the Forgotten (M4lefik Remix) VOTE
Dr. Peacock Take the Pills VOTE
Dr. Peacock Until I Win VOTE
Dr. Peacock Vive la Volta (Sefa Remix) VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Andy the Core We Control You VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Angernoizer Trip to Baghdad VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Billx Naarayanaa VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Billx Dance Of The Dead VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Billx Gipsy Love VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Billx It's Called XTC VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Billx Trip to Iceland VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Billx Trip to Lithuania VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Billx Trip To Mongolia VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Chrono Abuse (UNIT Suicide Remix) VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Destructive Tendencies feat. Da Mouth Of Madness Bloodthirsty VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Dope DOD Acid Bomb VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Floxytek Trip to Romania VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Le Bask Trip to Dreamland (Remzcore remix) VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Mr. Ivex Forgotten Souls VOTE
Dr. Peacock & N-Vitral Disorder VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Ohmboy Trip to the Wild West (The Mastery & Serum Remix) VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Partyraiser Trip to Holland VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Paul Elstak Hey Mambo VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Repix Destroy Everything (Sprinky Remix) VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Repix WTF! (SRB Remix) VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Repix ft. Da Mouth of Madness Rise and Shine (15 Years BKJN Anthem) VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Repix ft. Da Mouth of Madness Rise and Shine (15 Years BKJN Anthem) VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Rob Gee Peacock is my Trip Advisor VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Sefa Pain Is Everywhere VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Sefa The Human Mind VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Sefa The Universe VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Sefa World Of The Dream VOTE
Dr. Peacock & Super Trash Bros Pyramid VOTE
Dr. Peacock & The Sickest Squad Lose Your Mind VOTE
Dr. Peacock and friends Creme de la Core Megamix (Mixed by Mr. Ivex) VOTE
Dr. Spag_Hetti Raw Like Cocaine VOTE
Dr. Spag_Hetti Runnin 2.0 VOTE
Drokz Everyone Is Out To Get Me VOTE
Drokz I Ain't Down With That VOTE
Drokz I Don't Stress The Skill VOTE
Drokz My Shit Is Dope VOTE
Drokz Oh This Is So Hard VOTE
Drokz Poppin' (Drokz & Hardbouncer Remix) VOTE
Drokz You Make Me Sick VOTE
DRS Never Surrender (R3T3P Remix) VOTE
DRS This Is My Legacy 2.0 VOTE
DRS ft Mc RG Matennaaier VOTE
DRS ft. Madsin Creep VOTE
DRS ft. Madsin Fear My Name  VOTE
DRS ft. Madsin Underground Empire VOTE
DRS vs Aggressive Down Tonight VOTE
DRS vs Angernoizer Surprise MTF  VOTE
DRS vs Bass Instinct Afterlife VOTE
DRS vs Bass Instinct Afterlife (Orian Remix) VOTE
DRS vs Chaotic Hostility ft. Madsin Raise Hell VOTE
DRS vs Drokz Can’t Touch My Style VOTE
DRS vs Estasia Dope (Neutronix Remix) VOTE
DRS vs Estasia ft Madsin Dominate VOTE
DRS vs F.Noize Devil’s Pray VOTE
DRS vs MBK ft AMN Invasion VOTE
DRS vs Repix ft Madsin Underground Music VOTE
DRS vs Yunke vs Jony K Is Coming Back VOTE
Drug Fuckers Been Put Dead VOTE
Drug Fuckers Bill Boss VOTE
Drug Fuckers Crew Drug VOTE
Drug Fuckers Fucking Ogro VOTE
Drug Fuckers Hey Joe (Basetronic Remix) VOTE
Drug Fuckers Killer Bass VOTE
Drug Fuckers Lamentations Of Hell VOTE
Drug Fuckers Mi Fusil VOTE
Drug Fuckers The Final Episode (Naughty Kicks Remix) VOTE
Dune Magic Carpet Ride (Painbringer 12" Remix Dub) VOTE
Dustvoxx Hostile Lifeform VOTE
Dyprax G-Funk VOTE
Dyprax feat. MC Mozhard The Pandemic VOTE
E-Coli Spawn (Dr. Peacock & Hyrule War Remix) VOTE
E-Noid Frightening VOTE
E-Noid From Within VOTE
eDUB Fuxk Off VOTE
eDub Noise Makers (Original Mix) VOTE
eDUB Sound Flama VOTE
eDUB The Masta VOTE
eDUB Time To Stomp VOTE
eDUB Ymodaba VOTE
eDUB & Contagious Madness Fakers VOTE
eDub & Sjammienators Kick it root down VOTE
eDUB & The Straikerz Get Loose VOTE
eDUB & The Straikerz I'm Fury VOTE
eDUB & The Straikerz Maniacs VOTE
eDUB & The Straikerz Speakers VOTE
eDUB Ft. Im Colapsed Daily Dose Of Hardcore VOTE
Effection Murder Death Kill VOTE
Emphaser 36th Chamber VOTE
Emphaser Ashes To Dust (2018 Refix) VOTE
Emphaser Murder Everybody VOTE
Emphaser Noctural Darkness VOTE
Emphaser Shadows Of Evil VOTE
Emphaser & Sodiak ft. Metaled Automatic Nightmare VOTE
Endymion Rock The Part-E (Dj Mad Dog Extended Remix) VOTE
Engage Blue Doublespeak VOTE
Engage Blue Shellshock VOTE
Engage Blue Viel of Ignorance VOTE
Epic Aggressive Go Away Now VOTE
Epic Aggressive Party Menschen VOTE
Epidemic Miss Hysteria & Rapture Epidemic VOTE
Esox May Angelic Enlightenment Lead Your Soul VOTE
Estasia Big Talk No Walk VOTE
Estasia Imagine the pain VOTE
Estasia Imagine the pain VOTE
Estasia Imagine The Pain (Orian Remix) VOTE
Estasia Own it VOTE
Estasia Own It (Hyrule War Remix) VOTE
Estasia ft. Da Mouth of Madness Queen Of The South VOTE
Estasia ft. Mc Jeff Suckas Hate VOTE
Estasia ft. Starrlight Frozen Heart VOTE
Estasia ft. Starrlight My Turn VOTE
Estasia vs DRS Dominate (Lunakorpz Remix) VOTE
Estasia vs DRS ft. Madsin This Is Music VOTE
Estasia vs DRS ft. Starrlight & Madsin See Them Hatin VOTE
Estasia vs MBK ft. Mc RG We Are Devils VOTE
Estasia vs NSTINCT Strong VOTE
Estasia vs Rotterdam Terror Corps Bloody Move VOTE
Estasia vs YunKe Put It On VOTE
Eternityz Old School VOTE
Eternityz OMG! VOTE
Evil Projects Feat Ares God Of Destruction VOTE
Evolution Psyko VOTE
Execrate Riotstarter VOTE
Execrate Ritual Killings VOTE
Execrate Roughness VOTE
Exomni Beyond (Dj Version) VOTE
Explicit Reaper VOTE
Explicit Vs Vague Entity Straight Homicide VOTE
Extreme Noize Fear And Loathing (A Nightmare In Spain 2018 - Official Anthem) VOTE
Extreme Rage Dead Inerita VOTE
F. Noize Start The Riot VOTE
F. Noize Start The Riot (Radio Edit) VOTE
F. Noize & Bulletproof Beautiful People VOTE
Fatal Ft. Tharoza Push It VOTE
Fear Factor Ghosts VOTE
Fear Factor Hunted VOTE
Fear Factor Somebody VOTE
Fear Factor & Ruffneck Monster VOTE
Fiend & Virtue Self-Destruct VOTE
Footworxx Militant Crew Born In The Dome VOTE
Footworxx Militant Crew Dawn Of The Pow Wow VOTE
Footworxx Militant Crew Here Is Compton VOTE
Footworxx Militant Crew Push It Like This VOTE
Formek Hold On (Original Mix) VOTE
Formek Prison For Your Mind (Hybridonhard Mix) VOTE
Formek The Power And the Glory (Original Mix) VOTE
Formek The Power And The Glory (Original Mix) VOTE
FrenchFaces Bomb Threat VOTE
FrenchFaces Harder VOTE
Frenchfaces Lost MC (Spitnoise Remix) VOTE
FrenchFaces Streetlife VOTE
FrenchFaces feat. Killer MC & Rhezie Get Wasted VOTE
FrenchFaces feat. Killer MC & Rhezie Shook Me Like Thunder VOTE
From Nowhere Silence Of War VOTE
FullBurst Damned Souls VOTE
FullBurst King's Place VOTE
FullBurst Spectral VOTE
FullBurst The Witches'Pyre VOTE
FullBurst Trip Without Return VOTE
Fullburst feat. Okkoto Death (Orginal) VOTE
Furyan Money Maker VOTE
Furyan & LXCPR The Oath (Hardcore4life 2018 Anthem) VOTE
Furyan & Tha Watcher Live By Your Vow (Official Masters of Hardcore Russia 2018 Anthem) VOTE
G.M.F. Man Bear Pig VOTE
G.M.F. Psyko Killah VOTE
Gabbanatic Extraterrestrial Convergence VOTE
GAMM@ Painkiller (HellzKicks Remix) VOTE
Gancher & Ruin Damage Dealer VOTE
Gancher & Ruin Force VOTE
Gancher & Ruin Grad VOTE
Gancher & Ruin Impedance VOTE
Gancher & Ruin Mastadon VOTE
Gancher & Ruin Outlaw VOTE
Gangster Killer No Limits VOTE
Gangster Killer Still Survive VOTE
Gangster Killer & NeutroniX Still Bomb VOTE
Ghost Grinder Drama games VOTE
Ghost Grinder Night Grinders VOTE
Giuly My Way (Original) VOTE
Giuly The Enemy will Die (Original) VOTE
GMF Silence VOTE
Goetia Party & Bullshit VOTE
Goetia & Sandy Warez Go Hard VOTE
Goetia & Sandy Warez Hardcore Guns VOTE
Goetia & Sandy Warez Incipit VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Fuck Me Daddy VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Greazy Fuckdrum VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Kicks Out For Harambae VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Lovin' Aint Greazy VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Puppet Fuckerz VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Tardgedy VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz We Feel Like A Fuck VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz We No Fuck VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Caine Kendal Fuck 2.69 VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Mind Compressor Spaghetti Love VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & Omkara Going In Dry VOTE
Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz & ToXic Inside Fuck Breaks VOTE
Groan-er Black Phillip VOTE
Groan-er The Ritual (Dedicated to Drokz) VOTE
Guerrillas Lose it VOTE
H.U.T GiGAR Fuck that VOTE
H.U.T GiGAR Unstoppable force VOTE
Hard Creation I Will Have That Power (Never Surrender Remix) VOTE
Hard Effectz Scarphase Mash-Up VOTE
Hard Effectz & Zycromance Broken VOTE
Hard Infantry Big Fat Cock VOTE
Hard Infantry Hail Satan (UKTM Remix) VOTE
Hard Infantry Terrorzone VOTE
Hard Infantry & The Reaper Mutha Fuckin Stick Up VOTE
Hard Infantry & Tim Shopp Trash Talk VOTE
Hardbouncer Bitch VOTE
Hardbouncer Down Low VOTE
Hardbouncer F#CK You VOTE
Hardbouncer Hard Bouncen VOTE
Hardbouncer Kokane VOTE
Hardbouncer MindFuck VOTE
Hardbouncer My Kicknature VOTE
Hardbouncer Not Insane VOTE
Hardbouncer Pineapple Haze VOTE
Hardbouncer SEX Junkie (Experimental) VOTE
Hardbouncer SEX Junkie (HB Style) VOTE
Hardbouncer Sniffer VOTE
Hardbouncer Tyfus Kraak VOTE
Hardbouncer & Rob GEE Hardcore Citizen VOTE
Hardbouncer ft Killer MC Revolver VOTE
Hardbouncer ft MC Stuiterbal Stuiteren VOTE
Hardbouncer ft Minibouncer Footworxx Gangsta VOTE
Hardestboy Hardestbeat VOTE
Hardestboy Legends Of The Underground VOTE
Hardez Fuck VOTE
Hardez Instinct VOTE
Hardez Violence VOTE
Hardnoiser Damned Tu Con-Shit-A (Original Mix) VOTE
Hardnoiser Give Me A Beat (Original Mix) VOTE
Hardnoiser & Steef O Criminal (Original Mix) VOTE
Hatebeast Rock & Roll VOTE
Hatred Annihilate VOTE
Hatred Blast VOTE
Hatred Gangsterz VOTE
Hatred Gift Of Salvation VOTE
Hatred Street Game VOTE
Hatred & Miss Enemy Beautiful Hardcore VOTE
Hatred & The Smasher Sweet Dream VOTE
Helios is Dead Creep (Original) VOTE
Helios is Dead Cyborg (Original) VOTE
Helios is Dead Swarmkeeper (Original) VOTE
Helios is Dead The eye of Satan VOTE
Hellchoir Up! VOTE
Hellcreator The End of Everything VOTE
Hellfish & Bryan Fury Black Alert VOTE
Hellfish & Bryan Fury Splinter Machine VOTE
Hellmouth Die Like A Rockstar VOTE
Hellmouth Ego Death VOTE
Hellmouth Hai La Noi (Hellmouth Remix) VOTE
Hellmouth SA VOTE
Hellweazle Terror VOTE
Hellweazle Terror (Oldschool Terror Mix) VOTE
Himoteck Propane VOTE
Himoteck & Raigetek Get Out VOTE
Hooihouse Hak Hak (Original Mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats Bad To The Bone (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats Chosen One VOTE
Hungry Beats Criminal Impulse (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats No Sen?å?íor (Extended mix) (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats Pure Hate (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats The Last Jedi (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats The Protector VOTE
Hungry Beats Time Machine VOTE
Hungry Beats & A-Kriv Boom Boom (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats & Adrenokrome Cash Machine (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats & Dr. Peacock Showtime (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats & Maissouille The Psycho (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats & MC Frustrator Feel the Force (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats & Pattern-J God Machine (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats & Psiko Mechanical Mayhem (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats & Radium Tripzone (Extended mix) VOTE
Hungry Beats & The Butchers Scratchcrusher (Extended mix) VOTE
Hyrule War First To Die VOTE
Hyrule War Frenchcore Survivor VOTE
Hyrule War Magical Voice VOTE
Hyrule War On Fire (La Ravage RMX) VOTE
Hyrule War On Fire (La Teigne Rmx) VOTE
Hyrule War Pain Teacher VOTE
Hyrule War Punjabi VOTE
Hyrule War Punjabi (Frenchcore Edit) VOTE
Hyrule War RA VOTE
Hyrule War & La Ravage Awful Detective VOTE
Hyrule War & La Ravage Dracula VOTE
Hyrule War & La Ravage Mugwanti VOTE
Hyrule War & La Ravage Nasty VOTE
Hyrule War & Ohmboy Dirty Rhythms VOTE
Hyrule War & Ohmboy Funky Feelings VOTE
Hyrule War & Ohmboy Listen To Me VOTE
Hyrule War Ft. Da Mouth Of Madness Heaven & Hell VOTE
Hyrule War, La Ravage, Lady Bex Purge Night VOTE
Igneon System Beatdown VOTE
Ignite Exodus VOTE
Ignite Ragga Monster VOTE
Ignite Sacrifice VOTE
Ignite The New Shit VOTE
Illegal Brother Midnight Madness VOTE
Illegal Brother & Revelers Back Up VOTE
Ilsa Gold Elastico (The CTRL Remix 2017) VOTE
Imperia Ambassador VOTE
Imperia Jump Up VOTE
Imperia feat. Mc B-Kicker My Hate (Bloodfire Remix) VOTE
Inacopia Get The Fuck Out [Remastered] VOTE
Inacopia & Naughty Kicks People Don't Change [Remastered] VOTE
Inbleed Back to fire VOTE
Inbleed Let It Burn VOTE
Inbleed Lost in the Dust VOTE
Inbleed Scream Aim Fire VOTE
Insane S Lick My Dick VOTE
Insane S Quiero Ganja VOTE
Insane S ShotGun VOTE
Insane S & Blaster Shut The F#ck Up VOTE
Insane S & Crime Scene I Can Give U Drugs VOTE
Insane S & Sandy Warez F#ck You Like a Pig VOTE
Insane S & Sandy Warez Industrial Drop Zone VOTE
Insane S & Streiks & Kratchs F#ck VOTE
Insane S vs MBK We Drive Fast VOTE
Insanity Call U Back VOTE
Insanity I Need Help VOTE
Insanity Move VOTE
Insanity Our Course VOTE
Insanity Remember VOTE
Insanity & Sandy Warez Suicidal VOTE
Insanity vs Kombustion Be Like (Master) VOTE
Inva?Øssor Legend's Return VOTE
Inva?Øssor Magic Cunt VOTE
Inva?Øssor Pure Evil VOTE
Inva?Øssor The Void VOTE
Inva?Øssor Timeless (Original) VOTE
Inva?Øssor World Shake VOTE
Inva?Øssor & Dj LX Go 4 Broke VOTE
Iridium Fastlane VOTE
Iridium God's Chains VOTE
Iridium Last to Burst VOTE
Iridium Maleviolence VOTE
Iridium Raiders of Hell (Orifice Remix) VOTE
Iridium Stand up & Scream (Striker Remix) VOTE
Iridium The Warfighters (Fullburst Remix) VOTE
Iridium & Orifice God of War VOTE
Iridium & Razkor Purge That (Berz?§rk remix) VOTE
Iridium & Striker Power of the Darkside VOTE
Iridium & The Sawerz Back to Crazy VOTE
Is:end 105 VOTE
Javi Boss Do Not Stop (Original Mix) VOTE
Javi Boss Domination (Original Mix) VOTE
Javi Boss Gigi Undercore (Original Mix) VOTE
Javi Boss Hiroshima (Original Mix) VOTE
Javi Boss Meteor (Original Mix) VOTE
Javi Boss One Number One (Original Mix) VOTE
Javi Boss Succession (Original Mix) VOTE
Javi Boss Surpass (Original Mix) VOTE
Javi Boss & Broken Minds Nobody Stop Me (Original Mix) VOTE
Javi Boss & Mc Jeff I'm The Boss (Original Mix) VOTE
Javi Boss feat. MC Jeff Disorder (Original Mix) VOTE
Jeffa-D & Nielos No Fear! VOTE
Jeskore Redemption VOTE
JKLL Cannon Control VOTE
JKLL Indian Cemetary VOTE
Johnny7 Feat . Mc M-Core Lies VOTE
Jony K Battle Hymn VOTE
Jony K Dance To The Music VOTE
Jony K Dreaming A Little Love VOTE
Jony K Fu_cking Down VOTE
Jony K I Want To Play VOTE
Jony K Is Revolution VOTE
Jony K Is The Dark VOTE
Jony K Is The Game (Alex Escriva Remix) VOTE
Jony K Knows You VOTE
Jony K My Way Of Life VOTE
Jony K Necessary VOTE
Jony K New Generation VOTE
Jony K Sickness VOTE
Jony K Silence (K-Men Remix) VOTE
Jony K Sound Master VOTE
Jony K Sparta VOTE
Jony K Tech Hard VOTE
Jony K The Nightmare VOTE
Jony K Track VOTE
Jony K You Love Me VOTE
Juli?´x Walking VOTE
JumpScare FVKK That VOTE
JumpScare No Lose VOTE
JumpScare The Quiet VOTE
K-Men Prepare For War VOTE
K-Men Ruthless 4 Life VOTE
K-Men & Extreme Rage On My Ride VOTE
K-Men & Noize Destruction Destroy VOTE
K-TeztroV Die Bitch..! VOTE
K-TeztroV Gabber Zijn Is Geen Schande (GabberVirus Anthem) VOTE
K-TeztroV Hurtning Bombs VOTE
K-TeztroV Inhoudsloze Nep Muziek VOTE
K-TeztroV My Name Is Catastrophe VOTE
Kader Lil Bandit (Original Mix) VOTE
Kader Noize Disorder (Original Mix) VOTE
Kader Take The Risk (Original Mix) VOTE
Kasparov People! VOTE
Kasparov, Revolter ft. Zwaargewicht Keihard Naar De Tyfus VOTE
Kasparov, Tha Playah & Zwaargewicht Sloopkogel VOTE
Katharsys Ghost (The Outside Agency Remix) VOTE
Kay Mo Broken Chains VOTE
Kay Mo Limitless VOTE
Kay Mo Featuring MC Ruud Titans VOTE
Kescore The Real One VOTE
Kescore & FrenchFaces Mind of a Mayhem VOTE
Kescore & LukiiLukee Runaway VOTE
Ketanoise vs. Kaali Fuckin Demo VOTE
KlereHerrieKrew Fuck My Fucking Fuck VOTE
KlereHerrieKrew Harmony Of Terror VOTE
Kobaryo Necromancer VOTE
Kobaryo Nightcap VOTE
Kobaryo feat. Matatabi Sound System Summon Battle VOTE
Komprex Brutal Jim VOTE
Komprex Ft. Nekrosystem Violenza Pura VOTE
Korsakoff Dreamer VOTE
Korsakoff & Never Surrender & Alee Salvation VOTE
Korsakoff & Tears of Fury Follow Me VOTE
Kraken System Activated VOTE
Kraken & X-Mind Don't Know Me VOTE
Kriminal Dig Down Deep VOTE
Kriminal Good Old Days VOTE
Kriminal How I Roll VOTE
Kriminal Let It Ride VOTE
Kriminal Self Knowledge VOTE
Kriminal Self Knowledge (Shadowcore Remix) VOTE
KriTiKaL Mystics VOTE
Kurasaki Death Machine VOTE
Kurwastyle Project Broken VOTE
Kurwastyle Project & Hatred Exile VOTE
Kurwastyle Project feat MC Neodash Sharp As A Knife VOTE
Kurwastyle Project feat Suicide Rage Terror From The Outside World VOTE
La Ravage Mexican Sauce VOTE
La Ravage Party Jumping VOTE
La Ravage The Power VOTE
La Ravage & La Teigne Check Thiz Out VOTE
La Ravage & Mr. Forte Never Lie VOTE
La Teigne Free Mind VOTE
La Teigne Globgala VOTE
La Teigne Granada VOTE
La Teigne Stone Tower VOTE
La Teigne The Force VOTE
La Teigne The God VOTE
Lab-E Life VOTE
Lady Bex The Sequel Fokdat. VOTE
Lady Chosen Few Empire (hardbouncer Remix) VOTE
Lady Chosen Few Not Afraid (Andy Wolf Remix) VOTE
Lady Dammage Bitch I Can (Hardbouncer Remix) VOTE
Lady Dammage Bitch Please VOTE
Lady Dammage Wet Pussy VOTE
Lady Dammage ft Da Mouth Of Madness Rise Of The Phoenix (Phoenix Festival Anthem 2018) VOTE
Le Demonist Estabilizm VOTE
Lenny Dee Forgotten Moments (Marina Borodina & Vi Ta Lee Cinematic Remix) VOTE
Lenny Dee Forgotten Moments (Marina Borodina & Vi Ta Lee Hardcore Remix) VOTE
Lenny Dee Forgotten Moments (Marina Borodina & Vi Ta Lee Techno Remix) VOTE
Lenz Say Less (Original Mix) VOTE
LethalKicks Taste Of Uptempo VOTE
Lk-47 Drinking Dirty VOTE
Lk-47 R.U.N. VOTE
Lord Of Speed Hurenzohn VOTE
Loud Carnage Fucking Odissea VOTE
Loud Carnage Louder VOTE
Loud Carnage vs Alterated Why Not To Be In Trouble  VOTE
Low Entropy The Possibility Of A Better Future VOTE
Lowroller Clang VOTE
Lowroller Dying Breeds VOTE
LukiiLukee What Man VOTE
Luminite & Mc Focus Sixth Gear VOTE
Lunakorpz Bass Drop VOTE
LunaKorpz Fucking Mind VOTE
LunaKorpz Light Up That Ganja VOTE
Lunakorpz My Story VOTE
Lunakorpz West Coast VOTE
Lunatic Dirt VOTE
Lunatic Fearless VOTE
Lunatic Go Away VOTE
Lunatic Like A Lunatic VOTE
Lunatic Like A Lunatic (Lunatic & Broken Image Edit) VOTE
Lunatic Love Me or Hate Me VOTE
Lunatic Love Or Hate Me VOTE
Lunatic Overdose (La Ravage Rmx) VOTE
Lunatic Paranoid VOTE
Lunatic Paranoid (Broken Image RMX) VOTE
Lunatic Parasites VOTE
Lunatic Two Faced People VOTE
Lunatic & Broken Image Anger VOTE
Lunatic & Broken Image Booom! VOTE
Lunatic & Broken Image Collateral Damage VOTE
Lunatic & Broken Image Dark Minded VOTE
Lunatic & Broken Image Enemy VOTE
Lunatic & Broken Image The Bad Man VOTE
Lunatic & Broken Image Troublemaker VOTE
Lunatic & Deathsquad Here We Go VOTE
Lunatic & Hyrule War Insane VOTE
Lunatic & Hyrule War Lose It VOTE
Lunatic & Hyrule War Lose It VOTE
Lunatic & Hyrule War My Wife VOTE
Lunatic & Hyrule War Shut Up! VOTE
Lunatic & La Ravage Invasion VOTE
Lunatic & Ragnos Religion VOTE
Lunatic & Sprinky War Of The Worlds VOTE
Luxxer Bullet VOTE
Luxxer Death VOTE
Luxxer The Cancer VOTE
Luxxer Ft. Arkitect Lucy VOTE
Lysergide Caaaant 2018 VOTE
Lysergide & Hydroxide Live Life Hard VOTE
Lysergide & RPG Marie VOTE
M4lefik Controlled Demolition VOTE
M4lefik Darkspace VOTE
M4lefik Evil Power VOTE
Mabrook Bounce Mortel VOTE
Mabrook Fuck & dance (original) VOTE
Madnezz & DRS Hardcore Geweld (System Overload Remix) VOTE
Madnezz & Insanity Syco Rock Beats VOTE
Madnezz & System Overload feat. MC Jeff The Megarave Anthem VOTE
Madnezz & System Overload Ft Mc Komplex Geen Genade VOTE
Madnezz & The Snatcher Bodysnatchers VOTE
Madnezz & Unleashed Fury & Exhilarate Gonna Fly VOTE
Maikimaik Zombie Drug [Remastered] VOTE
Mainstage Maffia BassQuaker VOTE
Mainstage Maffia Eat a Dick (Original) VOTE
Mainstage Maffia Truth or Violence (Original) VOTE
Mainstage Maffia What U Like (Original) VOTE
Mainstage Maffia vs Skorp Humblebee (Original) VOTE
Maissouille Anthem FSVP 2018 VOTE
maissouille Primal Carnage (ft Mc Frustrator) VOTE
Maissouille & Akasha The duchess of darkness VOTE
Maissouille Feat. Mc Frustrator Hard Humana VOTE
Malakya Hit me ! VOTE
Malakya Oxidation VOTE
Malakya Feat. Mc 99 Music on the floor VOTE
Malice & Rooler Aggressive Acts (Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Remix) VOTE
Maloonatic Deadpool 2 VOTE
Maloonatic Going Back VOTE
Maloonatic Vengeance VOTE
Maotai Acid (Pure LSD) VOTE
Maotai Manipulated VOTE
Maotai Nightmare VOTE
Maotai The Hunting VOTE
Marcus Decks Psycho Game VOTE
Mark Frostbite Bandwagon Blaster VOTE
Marla Singer Claviceps Purpurea ([KRTM] Remix) VOTE
Masamune Instincts VOTE
Masamune Step Inside VOTE
Masamune ft Badlxck Souls VOTE
Mash Manson Dark Passion VOTE
Mash Manson Evolution X VOTE
Masters of Ceremony Hardcore To Da Bone (N-Vitral Remix) VOTE
Matatabi Sound System & Kobaryo Elixir VOTE
Matt Everybody Be Cool This Is A Robbery VOTE
MBK From The Underground VOTE
MBK Like A MF#cker VOTE
MD&A Face Of Silver VOTE
MD&A I Will Find You VOTE
MD&A Kick It Down (Painbringer Remix) VOTE
Meccanik Fucking Commercial VOTE
Meccanik Kill The Priest VOTE
Meccano Twins Drums Of War VOTE
Mechanik Origin Of Evil VOTE
Members of Megarave We represent Hardcore VOTE
Members of Megarave We represent hardcore VOTE
Ment4l & Hellmouth Lock Diz VOTE
Mental Error & Hc Instructor Overdose VOTE
Menthalquake Borne To Destroy VOTE
Menthalquake Rise And Fall VOTE
Menthalquake Your Time VOTE
Merkurius Monsters VOTE
Messkon & The Cannibal MDF DJ VOTE
Mind Compressor Kick The Bass VOTE
Mind Compressor You Die VOTE
Mind Compressor You Know VOTE
Mind Compressor & Blaster Fcking Jump VOTE
Mind Compressor & DJ V Together VOTE
Mind Compressor & Frak Who da Fck VOTE
Mind Compressor & The Dark Horror Coke Boy VOTE
Mind-Erazer Bullets in your head VOTE
Mindspitter Call Me When You Feeling Wicked VOTE
Mindspitter & Future Kickz This is Hard VOTE
Mindspitter & Future Kickz ft. Mc Komplex Like It Harder (Anthem 2018) VOTE
Mindtrax Punk in the face (Extended mix) VOTE
Mindtrax Rapsodia (Extended mix) VOTE
Mindustries Message in a Bottle VOTE
Mindwalker Anymore VOTE
Mindwalker Ascension VOTE
Mindwalker Nothing Matters VOTE
Misanthrope Again 'n Again (Original Mix) VOTE
Miss Demeanor Fucking Beast VOTE
Miss Demeanor feat. Meccano Twins You Are The Core VOTE
Miss Enemy Don't Be A Pussy VOTE
Miss Enemy Rock It (System Overload remix) VOTE
Miss Enemy Transformer VOTE
Miss Enemy We Don't Give A Fuck VOTE
Miss Enemy & Hatred Knocked Out VOTE
Miss Enemy & Kurwastyle Project feat MC Komplex Infections VOTE
Miss Enemy & Vandalism Bust That VOTE
Miss Enemy ft Mc Braincase MF Bullet VOTE
Miss Hysteria Coming For You VOTE
Miss Hysteria Into the Night VOTE
Miss Hysteria Surround Me VOTE
Miss Hysteria Unlock the Gate VOTE
Miss K8 Out Of The Frame VOTE
Miss K8 Temper VOTE
Mokushi Antarctica (Original) VOTE
Mokushi Chemistry of a Dying Brain (Original) VOTE
Mokushi Eternal Grinder (Original) VOTE
Mokushi One Eyed King (Original) VOTE
Mokushi The Great Filter (Original) VOTE
Monny Darkatraxx VOTE
Monny Thunder VOTE
morrrrrro Hayashi Core VOTE
Moshpitch Anarchy (Every Man for Himself) VOTE
Moshpitch Riot! (The End of Idiology) VOTE
Moshpitch vs Ruffneck Dat Drumroll! VOTE
Moshpitch vs Ruffneck Shittin' Teeth VOTE
Mr Madness Lucifer VOTE
Mr. Bassmeister Hot VOTE
Mr. Forte Die! VOTE
Mr. Forte Don't Stop VOTE
Mr. Forte Dropping Bombs VOTE
Mr. Forte Licky VOTE
Mr. Forte Pyschological Attack VOTE
Mr. Forte Understand VOTE
Mr. Ivex Feel It VOTE
Mr. Ivex Le Monstre VOTE
Mr. Ivex & Dr. Peacock Let's Do This VOTE
Mr. Ivex & Levenkhan Dying Light VOTE
MRLK Underground Ressistance VOTE
Multi Death Clan Welcome To Oblivion VOTE
Murmuur Darkness Is Your Ally VOTE
Murmuur Inexistenze VOTE
Myosuke Source Of Creation (Club Edit) VOTE
Myosuke & F.Noize Feat. Tha Watcher 8th Gate (Official Hardgate 08 Anthem) VOTE
N-Vitral Crispy Bassdrum (Luminite Remix) VOTE
N-Vitral Crispy Bassdrum (N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD Remix) VOTE
N-Vitral Default Damager VOTE
N-Vitral Kombat Aktion (Promo Remix) VOTE
N-Vitral & Dither Hammer Dance VOTE
N-Vitral Feat. Tha Watcher The Ruler (Official Syndicate 2018 Anthem) VOTE
N-Vitral featuring Aux Raus Getverherrie (N-Vitral Presents BOMBSQUAD Remix) VOTE
N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD At War VOTE
N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD Blow 'M Up VOTE
N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD Hiroshima VOTE
N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD Kapotmaaien VOTE
N-Vitral Presents BOMBSQUAD Mainstream Mutilators VOTE
N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD Poison Spitter (Official Snakepit 2018 Anthem) VOTE
N-Vitral presents BOMBSQUAD featuring Greazy Puzzy Fuckerz Greazy Counter VOTE
N-Vitral Presents BOMBSQUAD ft FNoize The Chop Show VOTE
N-Vitral Presents BOMBSQUAD ft. eDub Kill That VOTE
N-Vitral presents: BOMBSQUAD & Warface Troublemakers VOTE
Nashuri Heart's Cry VOTE
Natural Born KillerZ Killing CharlizZ Terror (CyprineNoizer Rmx) VOTE
NATURAL BORN KILLERZ Killing CharlizZ Terror (CyprineNoizer Rmx) VOTE
Naughty Kicks GBU-43 (Drug Fuckers Remix) VOTE
Naughty Kicks & Dj Terror Thoughts Become Things VOTE
Necromant Deadly Design VOTE
Negative A Underground Broke. (Original Mix) VOTE
Neiko Don't Care VOTE
Nekra Damage Faulty System VOTE
Nekra Damage Never Ever VOTE
Nekra Damage Never Ever (Soulshaver Remix) VOTE
Nekra Damage The Scream of Forgoteten VOTE
Nekra Damage Third Life VOTE
Nekrosystem Evil Seeks Evil VOTE
Nekrosystem Musical Murder VOTE
Nekrosystem Start Using Again VOTE
Nekrosystem & Komprex Speedcore Brutality VOTE
Neo Lil'Gach Dubwize VOTE
Neo lil'gach Hell's Bell VOTE
Neo Lil'Gach Original Bad Boy VOTE
Neo Lil'Gach Two for the Bass VOTE
Neocortex Dark Crusher VOTE
Neophyte Wrath of Warlords (Official Dominator 2018 Anthem) VOTE
Neophyte & Zany ft. Alee & MC Diesel Gas erop! (Angernoizer Remix) VOTE
NeoX & The Empire Hurricane VOTE
NeoX & USU No Salvation VOTE
NeutroniX vs Antenora Shut Up! VOTE
Never Surrender Motherfucking Bassdrum VOTE
Never Surrender Never Surrender VOTE
Never Surrender Rising Rebellion VOTE
Neverlution Eliminate VOTE
Neverlution Fire In The Hole VOTE
Neverlution Fucking Prick VOTE
Neverlution Hardcore Soldier VOTE
Neverlution More Bounce VOTE
Neverlution Moshpit VOTE
Neverlution Open Eyelids VOTE
Neverlution Peep This Unique Shit VOTE
Neverlution Say Fuck That VOTE
Nielos & Rihage It's a Game VOTE
Nielos, Rihage Lmtybtrm VOTE
nnn Black Rain VOTE
nnn Centipede VOTE
Noize Destruction Fucking My Mind VOTE
Noize Destruction Insect VOTE
Noize Destruction Let's Go VOTE
Noize Destruction Moment VOTE
Noize Destruction My Difference VOTE
Noize Destruction My Mind VOTE
Noize Destruction Time For Revolution (Remix 2018) VOTE
Noize Destructor & Hardliner There's No Way To Go! VOTE
Noize Suppressor Danger VOTE
Noize Suppressor One Two Three VOTE
Noize Suppressor Shit Down VOTE
Noize Suppressor Street Game VOTE
Noize Suppressor feat. MC Syco Ultimate Team VOTE
Noize-Maker Bounce Them Dead VOTE
Noize-Maker Dont Hold Back VOTE
Noize-Maker Here To Stay VOTE
Noizenecio Hardface VOTE
Noizenecio Headbang VOTE
Nolz & Noize Suppressor Trickster VOTE
Nolz, Angerfist & Radical Redemption Nocturnolz VOTE
Nosferatu Assassinator Style (Refckd) VOTE
Nosferatu Battleground VOTE
Nosferatu Everlasting Darkness VOTE
Nosferatu Inferno VOTE
Nosferatu Kippenvel VOTE
Nosferatu Poppin’ Pistols VOTE
Nosferatu Purgatory fires (intro) VOTE
Nosferatu Relentless VOTE
Nosferatu Sanctity of Space: Cassini’s Journey VOTE
Nosferatu The Pain VOTE
Nosferatu The Shadow VOTE
Nosferatu & Alee Approach to Midnight VOTE
Nosferatu & Angerfist & Nolz Gates Of Oblivion VOTE
Nosferatu & D-Fence Turn That Thing Off VOTE
Nosferatu & Destructive Tendencies Brain Burst VOTE
Nosferatu & Dj Mad Dog Weapon of Choice VOTE
Nosferatu & Furyan Rise Or Drop VOTE
Nosferatu & Mindustries Last of Your Kind VOTE
Nosferatu & Never Surrender We Run This Shit VOTE
Nosferatu & Nolz Unification of Inner Power (Official Harmony of Hardcore Anthem 2018) VOTE
Nosferatu & Ophidian Eyes Closed To The Dark VOTE
Nosferatu & Public Enemies Unified Demolition (Official Airforce 2018 Anthem) VOTE
Nosferatu & Radical Redemption The Swirling Black Waters VOTE
Nosferatu & Repix Sounds of Revolution VOTE
Nosferatu & Restrained & Amada Look Alive VOTE
Nosferatu & Sefa Killer Beat VOTE
Nosferatu & System Overload Hating it VOTE
Nosferatu & Tha Playah Night Stalking VOTE
Nosferatu with Guerrillas Lose it VOTE
NZT Lets Kick VOTE
OCC Bang It Out VOTE
OCC Frontline VOTE
Odium Kill VOTE
OGM909 Betrayer feat. Onryo VOTE
OGM909 Fuck The Police VOTE
OGM909 vs Thund3rkopft Wild Motherfuckers VOTE
Okkoto Down (original) VOTE
Okkoto Over Bass (original) VOTE
Omkara A Date With Death VOTE
Omkara Darkness All Around (feat. FRX) [ReMasteR 2018] VOTE
Omkara Destroyer Of Worlds VOTE
Omkara Forsaken VOTE
Omkara Kiss Of Poison [Refix 2018] VOTE
Omkara Shatter Skull VOTE
Omkara The Devil VOTE
Omkara vs FRX Darkness All Around (FRX REFIX) VOTE
Ophidian Crime Passionnel (Miss Hysteria Remix) VOTE
Ophidian Lynched (Tymon Remix) VOTE
Ophidian The Chosen (Decipher Remix) VOTE
Ophidian & Ruffneck So Many Sacrifices (2018 Mix) VOTE
Ophidian & Ruffneck So Many Sacrifices (NeoX Remix) VOTE
Ophidian & Ruffneck So Many Sacrifices (Rapture Remix - DJ Edit) VOTE
Orian All Right Now VOTE
Orian Burn VOTE
Orian Power VOTE
Orian Your Devil VOTE
Orian vs Abaddon Earthquake VOTE
Orian vs Bass Instinct ft Mc Komplex This Is Core  VOTE
Ouija & Mabrook Everywhere VOTE
Ouija feat Sneith Mutation (original) VOTE
Ouija feat Sound-Crusher Hotel Cortez (original) VOTE
Outblast Fuck What U Heard (Negative A Remix) VOTE
Outlaw Cold Heart VOTE
Outlaw Darkness VOTE
Oxidus Be King VOTE
Oxidus Dabo VOTE
Oxidus Espartanos VOTE
Oxidus Fkin' Game VOTE
Oxidus I Am Rock N Roll VOTE
Oxidus Kratos Rage VOTE
Oxidus La Banana VOTE
Oxidus We Are Young VOTE
Oxidus You Never Said Goobye VOTE
Oxidus & Noize Destruction Bad Boys VOTE
Oxidus & Outside Connection Tetris MDFK VOTE
Painbringer Ghosttown VOTE
Painbringer & MissBehave Fuck You Up VOTE
Para Italia Attack De Moeder VOTE
Para Italia Me Against The World VOTE
Para Italia Suck My MF Dick VOTE
Para Italia The NWO (Frenchcore Edit) VOTE
Para Italia The NWO (Hardcore Edit) VOTE
Paranoizer Balance VOTE
Paranoizer Destiny VOTE
Paranoizer Everybody Move VOTE
Paranoizer Gateways VOTE
Paranoizer Hustle Harder VOTE
Paranoizer Kill Him VOTE
Paranoizer Lessons (SRB's Retard Remix) VOTE
Paranoizer Loud Noises VOTE
Paranoizer Mad Commotion (Striker Remix) VOTE
Paranoizer Questions VOTE
Paranoizer Satanic Ceremony VOTE
Paranoizer STFU VOTE
Paranoizer vs Suicide Rage Straight In Your Face VOTE